I design and build websites using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

About me

I create engaging, responsive and accessible websites and have a wealth of experience in making things easy-to-use. I enjoy solving coding problems and as a self-taught web developer, I have a strong ability to understand and learn new technologies. I love music. I'm a guitarist and have a background in music production and music technology. I am based in Bicester, Oxfordshire.


Technical skills

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • Responsive web design
  • CSS pre-processors (SASS)
  • WordPress (MySQL CMS)
  • PHP

Soft skills

  • Problem solving
  • UX/Ease-of-use design
  • Digital graphic design
  • Communicating technical concepts
  • Teamwork
  • Independent learning

Work I've done

The Audio Journey

The Audio Journey's website is designed to drive users towards the brand's YouTube and other social media channels. It features a simple design which draws attention to responsive, embedded YouTube videos. The site uses WordPress as it's CMS and is based on an entirely custom WordPress theme.

Workout Generator

This is a small web app I developed using HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. The app randomly generates a workout for the user. The workout is customisable and current progress is displayed using an animated progress bar.


The site you're on now is my personal portfolio website. The site is animated using JavaScript and CSS3 animations. It also features a contact form that works using jQuery, AJAX and PHP.

Contact me

Please feel free to get in touch with me using my contact form.