Eddie Judd

Intuitive web design, engaging content

My name is Eddie and I'm working to become a web designer/web developer. I am interested in online media, music, basketball and periodically, Fitness.

The purpose of this site is to give me a space to learn, develop my skills and showcase content that I've been involved in creating and feel particularly passionate about sharing. I aim to regularly update the site's content and just as importantly, I will keep the site's design current and improve it's functionality as my abilies allow me to.

Eddie Judd

A little more about me

I am currently employed by Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd, a company that produces professional audio equipment and MIDI controllers through it's sister brand Novation.

My title at Focusrite is 'Techncal Support Engineer', I help people get the most out of products that they've purchased. In this role I'm responsible for helping to educate computer musicians with new technology and championing usability in the development of our products.

Follow my progress

The portfolio section of this website will showcase websites and other online content that I've created and worked on. In addition to this, the blog section will feature articles about the development of this site and the content in my portfolio. In the blog, I will include details of challenges I face as a new web developer, current examples of work I'm particularly proud of and also more general discussions on basketball and other current affairs.